#RevolutionIsSexy in Metro New York: A Professional Protester’s Guide to Protesting

In recent months, millions across the globe have taken to the streets to rally against President Donald Trump and inequality and to raise awareness for climate change, the importance of science and countless other causes.

“Here we are in this situation where there’s all this unprecedented danger, cuts to social programs, healthcare … but it’s also an opportunity to build mass movements,” Marni Halasa, a self-described “professional protester,” told Metro.

Over the past 18 years, the professional figure skater and coach of the Sky Rink All Stars (who also dabbled in journalism and law) has certainly earned that moniker and become a well-known protest personality.

“I used to jump into parades – sometimes the police would escort me out – but I’ve been drawn to these big events where the public is always present,” Halasa said.

Her interest in getting involved in such happenings across New York City wasn’t fueled by ego or the chance to wear one of her fabulous costumes — heck, she doesn’t even do it for monetary gain.

“I wanted to kind of give my energy in that way, to diffuse tensions — it’s a way to get a political message out there in a more illustrative way,” she said.



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