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Revolution Is Sexy is the brainchild of Marni Halasa. It is a consulting service and one-stop shop for activists, groups and organizations needing advice to attract mainstream media attention for their causes. Whether an action calls for costumes, props, dancers, signage or literature, RIS helps create the buzz and the excitement needed to make the world notice a worthy cause.

Marni Halasa is part of a new generation of activist and politicians, able to harness media attention and social capital to support their causes. She was able to run a independent political campaign, achieving twice the average at the ballot box compared to political newcomers.

With a stellar performance, Ms. Halasa ran for City Council, District 3. She is continuing her advocacy founding her own group, Community Control of Land Use (www.ccluny.com), a group that organizes small businesses and tenants vs intrusive development. Currently a rising voice with the Green Party and a member of party’s State Committee, Ms. Halasa has a keen input in generating party policy. 


With her group, CCLU, Ms. Halasa has created campaigns to educate and organize small businesses about the Small Business Jobs Survival Act, legislation in City Council that would solve the crisis of small business closings. She is frequently asked to speak on the inner workings of local politics and money out of politics at rallies at City Hall, the Left Forum Conference and the Alternative Banking Group. She is also the Director of Arts and Education for the Midtown South Community Council, a quality of life organization for the midtown area of New York City.


She is regular contributor to Metro New York, as well as writes about her observations of local politics, published in Huffington Post, Chelsea Now, The Villager and The Clinton Chronicle — always finding new venues to exert her populist political voice.


Ms. Halasa is also known for using the protest venue to spread important social messages in the mainstream media. Since 2011, Marni has contributed her creativity and costumes at hundreds of protests, with theatrical street performances to spread the messages of income inequality, the unfair influence of money interests in politics, the rampant conflict of interests of the Trump administration. She has helped groups and activists stage protest that get media attention, featured on the CBS Nightly News, CNN, NBC, New York Times, New York Daily News and PBS. She is available for consulting work as well as teaching the art of protest to groups or individuals.