Daily Mail: 'Impeach Him' Thousands Rally at 'Not My President' Protest

Thousands of people took to the streets on Monday to take part in 'not my Presidents' Day' protests against Donald Trump.

Planned marches took place in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago and Salt Lake City while unofficial demonstrations with the same theme cropped up elsewhere.

Tens of thousands of people were expected at the Los Angeles event and nearly 50,000 are due to turn out in New York City.

Exact turnout figures aren't yet clear but the largest appeared to have been in New York City where chunks of Central Park West were taken up by the crowds by early afternoon.

It fell short of the 50,000 expected from earlier estimates.

Protesters even greeted the president on the route from his Mar-a-Lago home to Palm Beach Airport where he boarded Air Force One to return to Washington DC in the afternoon. READ MORE...

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