Boston Globe: Protesters clash with police in downtown DC

...One woman wore a ball gown to represent the “Miss Handled” election. Another woman, in a cheetah costume, held a sign that said “Scratch the Election.”

Hallie Pope, a 29-year-old attorney from Washington, D.C., said she was protesting because she thinks democracy has come to a breaking point.“I think our system of government is reaching a point beyond repair,” Pope said. “[Trump] motivates people with hatred.’’Jim McGee, a 29-year-old software engineer who was also in McPherson Square, said he believes that Trump has conned the American people.“He gave people this hope that he would upend the American political system, but he won’t,” McGee said. “Trump is the system.”The protests were loosely organized and primarily publicized through social media. On Friday afternoon, several events overlapped, including the “Festival of Resistance” and “the Anti-Capitalism Rally.” Each rally had different political goals, but most of the rhetoric eventually returned to America’s new president. READ MORE