July 21, 2016

The sun beat down relentlessly on Public Square as officers stood back watching and waiting. Over the sound of drums, drowning out the hate from Westboro Baptist Church, there was yelling.

A white guy, then a black guy. A racial epithet, a curse word, then a shove.

The crowd convulsed.

“Everybody pray right now!” a craggy old woman, shrouded in all black, shouted as protesters ran toward and then away from the fray. “Everybody stop what you’re doing and pray right now!”

This was Tuesday – hours befo...

July 21, 2016

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Some demonstrations are not protests, and some protests are not raging polemic fire storms.

Marni Halasa, an Akron native living in New York City, will demonstrate the latter point here during the Republican National Convention. She will do it with the whimsy and colorful verve of a Mardi Gras float, with an infectious smile and a distinct leftward tilt that is quite real.

She said performance artist, professional protester, lawyer, journalist, and figure-skating instructor also...

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