November 4, 2014

So what does an ordinary citizen need to do to get one’s political voice heard in this day and age where one needs money and access to play with the big whigs? If you are me, you not only dress up in costume, grab some props and exhibit comic performance art on the street, you stage your own protest. Here’s the best advice on how to stage an effective action that gets attention:

1. Just like those wonderfully wacky dancers of the strip-tease advised Rose Louise in the 1962 movie, ‘Gypsy,’ on what...

October 1, 2014

As onlookers, media types and a phalanx of police officers watched protesters gather across from Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan on Wednesday, they suddenly took notice as a woman in a skimpy police uniform stomped onto the scene in a pair of high-heel boots. 

The woman, Marni Halasa, 48, set up mock prison bars and proceeded to lock up a blow-up doll in the likeness of Lloyd Blankfein, chief executive of Goldman Sachs. 
Like the demonstrators, she was there to protest the World Business Foru...

August 30, 2013

If anyone needs career advice on what they can do with a law degree, send them my way. They too can fight for social justice while wearing a gold spandex onesie and bunny ears!

— Marni Halasa, social justice activist, in remarks made yesterday after a successful protest against HSBC. As we recently discovered, Halasa is a graduate of the U. Pitt. School of Law and an former journalist for the New York Law Journal.READ MORE...

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